Types Of Users – From an IT Guy Perspective

  • Bathroom IT Hijacker – I was on my way to the restroom, but let me work on your problem instead.
  • Genius – I don’t know how to fix my own problem, but I know you’re doing it wrong!
  • Royalty#1 – Come To My Cube ASAP and Watch me Take a Personal Phone Call.
  • ADHD – Oh, was that relevant information?
  • Royality#2 – Fix My Personal PC!
  • Stampede – Everyone converges on the IT guy simultaneously.
  • Insomniac – Calls at 1:00am for a problem that’s been going on for months.
  • SitRep – Calls for a status update in 5 minute intervals while you are sweating bullets trying address the problem.
  • Royality#3 – No, this can’t wait until the weekend is over!
  • Snake charmer – I know you are super busy, but……
  • QuickFix – I was going to create a ticket, but this will only take a minute.
  • UseYourWords – It’s just broken.
  • TimeTraveler – Here’s your pager, keep it on you always!
  • Bouncer– I will stand in front of your cube entrance until you help me!
  • Teambuilder – Let me buy you a cup of coffee, I promise I won’t ask for something later.
  • Realist – I know we used a 10 year old PC for this database, but this “server” can never go down!
  • NinjaReflex– Can always change from ESPN web page to Excel spreadsheet before anyone notices.
  • SuperUser – The 1 guy out of 1000 that generates 25% of the IT workload
  • Alzheimers – User has completely different recollection of IT support arrangement than what was actually agreed upon.
  • Collector – User collects unusual items is mass quantity within his/her cube.
  • Use Your Words #2 – User goes into excruciating detail about problem without providing useful information.
  • Paraplegic – I want to change cubes, IT guys are responsible for cube relocation’s, right?
  • Divine Inspiration – Non technical user takes full credit for IT solution you spoon feed to him/her.
  • SpecOps– You spec out a hardware solution, then users tack on unexpected functions that make the system unusable weeks after deployment
  • BacteriaFarm– User Cube is so filthy, IT uses lottery system to determine who must enter the cube for support.
  • VirginSacrifice – The poor user who asks for help right after IT guy reaches critical mass over unrelated issue.
  • Surfs Up – User’s PC almost unusable from spyware and yet claims they never go to to non-work related sites.
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